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Electrical certificate

How do you ensure the safety of your property’s electrical system?

The importance of the electrical certificateElectrical installations in residential properties should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure the safety of the owner’s occupants. A faulty electrical system can cause death or injury from electrocution, burns from contact with live parts, explosions, or fires. A competent person must inspect and test the domestic electrical system. Registered in accordance with the established procedures in order to verify that the design. The installation of the electrical system are safe to use, maintain and modify. Consequently, every owner should have an owner’s home electrical safety certificate. The owner’s safety certificate electricians have the necessary qualifications and equipment to inspect and test household electrical systems to identify any problems.

What does a home electrical safety certificate entail?

When we conduct an assessment of an electrical system and provide the owner with the electrical safety certificate, we start with a visual test. This involves looking for any visible signs of damage, deterioration, or unsafe use, such as worn wiring insulation or overloaded power outlets. We then perform a series of tests to verify. For example, that all cables are connected correctly. That in electrical insulation material the cables sheath properly. That the grounding arrangement is compliant with regulations. Also, that the system is capable of to disconnect the power supply correctly in case of failure.

Electrical safety assessment

After conducting an owner’s electrical safety assessment, we will issue you with a London electrical safety certificate outlining the inspection results. We will advise you on anything dangerous, potentially dangerous or in need of improvement. The electricians in Modena are friendly and will do their best to clearly explain anything you don’t understand.

Electrical safety certificates for owners are essential requirements because it is an owner’s legal duty to have all electrical installations and appliances tested and maintained during the tenant’s rental period. Getting the right electrical certificate will protect your home and your tenants from the possible risks that electrical safety could pose.

Don’t leave the safety of your family or tenants to chance. Contact us at 01613941078 to obtain a certified electrical safety intervention.

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